All About Fenders and Mudguards: Why Your Bike Need It? (DIY and Buyer’s Guide)

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Cycling is the one of most popular sport and hobby of everyone. Everyone loves to ride cycle even those who don’t know how to ride. Am I right? No doubt on that, it is not unique at all.

We don’t know where, when and how we ride or have to ride. But when riding, we forget to ride carefully. We do not take care of anyone even of self. You forget everything when the thing of interest in front of your table/ you get the opportunity to do a thing of your interest.

In cycling, the craziest thing you ignore is to put the shield on your bike. The shield in your bike is fender in American and others or mudguards in British word.

Because most of the vehicles not only cycles have mounted fender/mudguard but high end and luxury cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, etc. also have.

It is the security guard of your cycle when you are on the damp street.

So, now I think you got a bit about it. Please continue for more.

Where is fender found?

Is this a question? You can say without even seeing. If you are looking for your bike, they are what you see and put or found over the front and back tire or wheel whatever you say.


If you are looking for a bike, you will find mostly with non-racing bikes.

But when you are looking to buy you can find in any local bike parts store, or else you can find on Amazon, eBay if you are lazy or ordering online.

Is it necessary for me?

While riding the bike you protect yourself wearing helmets and safety wears to be safe from being injured and waterproof clothes to be safe from rain. Your bike also needs protection from water and grimes when you ride through dirty and damp street.

This not only protects your bike but also yourself.

Fenders are not compulsory for the cycle, though there are some benefits of keeping it with your bike.

The benefits of keeping it in your bike are firstly it makes your bike good looking that’s what we want to show off. Secondly, this prevents the water from spraying to your feet from tires or even from the puddle.

Also, it keeps kit cleaner and drier which makes your bike muck free and extend its life.

Riding in the rain or wet area in bike or car or bus without fender makes you and your bike dirty. Both fenders help on their own side.
Front fender will help protect your feet and ankles from spray if you’re riding in the rain or even through a puddle and back fender from the backside.

Don’t think me wrong, ok. It is not for me or not for pedestrian, it is for yourself keeping your feet clean even you ride in the rain. The best benefit for me is it saves me from my mom. What fender saves you from your mom? Yap, you read right.

Because whenever I ride my bike without fender on the wet road what happens is my jersey becomes dirty and when I return to home my mom gets angry and I am scolded badly because of dirty clothes. As I am a lazy guy I feel extremely lazy to wash the dress. Then my mom washes that.

After I fitted the fender the scolding is prohibited, but sometimes for some other reason.

That’s the benefit of the fender. It protects you from mud so it also called as mudguard (mostly outside us).

According to Montague bikes pros of having fenders are:

  • Make you able to ride in the rain.
  • You ride in the winter (fenders help keep road sand and salt off your clothing).
  • You’re a weatherizing enthusiast.
  • If You’re not planning to carry extra shoes, socks, and pants change off with you.
  • You’re going on a group ride on wet roads (fenders keep the rider behind you from eating dirt…literally).

The only cons are sometimes it produces irritating sound while riding when it touches to tire. If you think are it adds your extra cost, that’s for you. Think about your other savings; it makes your cycle long run by keeping other components like chain, bearing, cog cleaner.

If you ignore now, you will regret.

For Folding Bike

No matter if your bike is folding or non-folding bike. In order to make it look the best bike and protect it you can mount it.

By the way, most of those bikes may have already in it. It would be huge benefit if you keep mounted.

When should I Put fender?

Anytime you want, even its raining or not. You can put it if you want your bike to look handsome. For me, the bike without fender looks like, your cycle is weak just discharged from a hospital.

I keep it always on my bike, but I keep it off the bike whenever I wash it, otherwise not.

When should not I can plan to Put fender?

That’s your wish, but you if don’t like it, you can apart from your bike whenever you want if:

  • You are riding on the dry road.
  • You want your bike to look simple.
  • You think this adds extra weight.
  • You’re planning to change clothes at your destination and don’t mind wet feet and ankle.
  • You feel uncomfortable to ride.

How to not get wet when cycling on rain?

Two solutions:

Either you put fender or wear waterproof clothes when cycling.

The fenders are always necessary for me. I can’t let my bike without it. because I love my bike and take care of my bike and myself. The main reason is that I am afraid of my mom. It adds weight but minuscule (max. 1.5 lbs).

So, do I need?
Just have a look this threads and come back here

Are Fenders Right for You?

If you need one, pick it from here.
Now if you think you should have a one, then keep in your mind that are with the following quality is better:

1. Full Sized (Longer) is better:

Whenever looking for fender don’t look for the shorter one, look for longer one. If you are serious about the look of your bike than how it will spend your money in future once it needs to be repaired. So in my opinion, longer is better as it looks more effective keeping water and grit off you and your bike

2. Look for rigid:

I always look for rigid; there are two reasons. First is rigid does not rub on the fender. Second is you don’t have to change it and does not break.

3. Look for long lasting:

Always look for long lasting. Not only fenders but anything you buy because it does not eat your money. If you are looking for fender, don’t look for cheap one look for long lasting. Plastic fenders are cheap but some are not so cheap because of their quality. Metal fenders are stiffer and long lasting and rigid too. Even better than that plastic fender with metal core. If it is metal look for stainless metal.

4. Deeper is Better

A deep fender prevents throwing water, instead, it makes damp water to flow inside it and back to the ground.

For Your Bike:

First, you need to determine which size your bike uses and get one of right size from here or any other shops. If you can go yourself to shop, it will be far better then buying online either you have to research more when buying online.

Don’t look for cheap one look for best, affordable, long-lasting. Generally, stylish fenders are short and weak but expensive. They are made of low quality plastic. More the quality the price is high, plastic is high quality.
You can bend but it hardly breaks. If you are looking for metal look for stainless metals. Either you can look for an aluminium-plastic combination.

Here are Different Types of Mudguards:

1. Full Fenders:


Full fenders cover almost all half part of the tire and give completely up to 180-degree protection. Full-length fender is found on the front (in some) and back (mostly) tires of road bikes, hybrids, and beach cruisers.

2. Partial Fenders:


It is like full but are generally smaller than full and protects fewer parts (less than half). If your bike doesn’t have more space between seat/fork, this is a great choice.

3. Clipon:clipons-for-bike

This is for that bike which doesn’t have a place to mount the fender. It is clipped on the frame and easier to mount and unmount in a second when needed which is what we want. Full length interferes the ride but this does not. But this is only for protecting back not the front. And don’t give full coverage but gives bike good look.


Front Guards:

This generally keeps protected from the front of the bike. This is attached to frame on front tire as a set with clip on fenders.

Now you and your bike is not only safe from back but from front side also.

Addon: Mud Flap


As I mentioned above that longer is better but most of fenders donot extend to downward. So there is only option that is adding mudflap bottom end.

Mud Flaps are an extra addon for the full-length bike fenders, added at the trailing end of the mudguard. It gives extra protection, a front is for you (rider) and the back one is for your friends behind you, protects from water and grime.

The upper portion get protected by mudguard but it is not possible when the it is short. Only adding mudflap can save you from spraying muddy, scrumy waters.

Mud Flap DIY Guide:

Watch this video then get these extra tips:

For your information, you can make mud flap whatever design you want in your home using home materials. It’s easy and money saving method instead of buying. But if you think it is waste of time or you can’t make then it is worth buying. If you wanna at least try or make one, you can follow these process. There will be a lot of fun. If you want to learn in depth, Youtube is the best source.

If your mudflap is needlessly long, it would not be very effective. Leather would look nice but it becomes soft if it is wet. Using rubber would be great idea.

Tools You Need

  1. Long Plastic (useless bottle) or cardboard or Long rubbers (best if you use leather)
  2. Ruler
  3. Marker
  4. Letter Opener
  5. Scissors
  6. Drill or other tools for making holes
  7. Screwdriver, Wrench
  8. 2-3 Bolts and nuts


  • Cut the rubber, cardboard or plastic whatever you want to cut the same size as your fender’s width and length up to the bottom of mudguard to an inch off the ground with a scissor. It would be better if you make it longer as much as you can and keep bottom part bit wider.
  • Make two or three holes on top of fender and mudflap and one on the end.
  • Bolt the mudflap into the end of the mudguard.
  • To make it stylish either you can color it.

Extra tip:

If you want the rider/you also be safe from mud you can add mud-flap on the front fender too with the same process as above.

Buyers Guide to Find Best Fenders:

  • Research over the internet and shops and know all about it.
  • Know the price and specification when you buy online or offline.
  • Determine the size of fender your bike uses.
  • Look for nonbreakable and long lasting
  • Don’t look for cheap, look for best.

Some Requirements:

So now its time to mount it on your bike but here are some basic and optional requirements:

1. Space Between Tire and Frame:

Generally, most of the bikes have the space of 5mm between the frame and tire. But for your comfort and safety, I will suggest you keep the gap of 30mm or at least 20mm.

2. Chainstay Bridge(Drilled):

It is most important to your bike to have chainstay bridge because mounting the fender without it is difficult. It should be drilled which allows you to mount that easily. You can put the drilled bracket in it and which makes you easy to make hole on exact place and screw it. But some of the bikes that do not have chainstay bridge has the seat post closer to the back tire. In that case, you can put clip-on fender which would look your bike stylish.

3. Wider Than Tire:

The mudguard must be wider than the tire so that it would not be jammed with mud and makes easy to roll the wheel and covers more parts. For example if your tire is 40mm wide then fender must be 50mm-55mm wide.

  • 26 mm – 28 mm tires: 41 mm wide.
  • 32 mm tires: 45 mm wide.
  • 35 mm tires – 38 mm tires: 51 mm wide.

Some Of the Best Fenders:

So, you are buying one for your bike. The let me show you off some of the best mudguards. These are the best fenders ever made and flexible and good looking too.

1. Musguard

If you are looking for the rollable and adorable and portable mudguards with stylish look weighing 35 gram, you can check musguard too. This can be fit on any size and type of bike even if your bike has no place for fender and works best on bikes without a rear brake.

No more need of tools for installation, just get it and it has band on the end which makes easy to mount.

It is made from the strong, resilient and recyclable polypropylene plastic sheet, with foldable and rollable feature.

musguard mudguard

2. SKS Mudguards

SKS is Germany based cycling product manufacturer. It has wide range of the cycling products for cyclists.

The fenders of SKS is extraordinary and highly recommended for every cyclists. If you need each and every advantages of the mudguards, there is no other best than this. Others are just alternatives. Flexibility, durability, eligibility all those features are included.

It has many types of fenders you can choose. So don’t be confuse which to choose.

sks fenders

These are some types of SKS mudguards and there are many other types which is different model, design, styles.

4. Full Windsor

Full Windsor is London based start up company, designs cycling apparels. It is one of the best mudguard designer and producer, produces innovative looking and easily install-able Quickfix and Foldnfix fenders.

These are made up of polypropylene plastic. So they are durable and foldable for infinite times.

Both are easily installable and tool free(no tools needed to install) and great for emergency. These are designed for bikes with paired seat stays and side-pull brakes. But will not work on bikes with wishbone seat stays and centre-pull calliper brakes.


Quickfixquickfix fender

So these are the cleverly designed fenders which fits for all types and size of bikes.

Other than that if you want other best fenders click this link.

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