Montague Crosstown 700c Review: Full-Size 7-Speed Folding Bike



(Premium Look)

Though the bike is not too cheap & too costly this bike has look like the premium bikes which costs a lot.


(Easy and Fast)

This bike has really good features and functionality. Its easy to fold and speed is as required for the commuters.


(Between $500-$600)

There are expensive bikes with same features but this one is not too cheap and not too expensive.

Again I have found undoubtedly best hybrid folding bike, and that's from surely from Montague. Before this I have reviewed Montague Paratrooper Pro and bikes from Dahon with pros and cons and the little guide to make them best folding bikes yourself, you cannot find anywhere.

Montague is known for producing full-size folding bikes that no other manufacturers made. Also, known for producing the quality product. But now this is the another best full-size hybrid bicycle i.e. Montague Crosstown.

Before Montague produced bike dedicating militaries. Now it's time to dedicate the citizens. This is a reply to everyone from Montague with a powerful answer. Premium feel in cheap price.

This bike is best designed and executed for the comfortability and provide a factor of ease. It that unique riding experience that helps you to explore and discover new gems in your city. And also best for city canyons, fast getaways, folding into a car trunk.

This is mainly for the commuting the busy urban street for long distance. If you are the ideal (urban) rider, there no any best choice than this. It serves for those who wants full speed riding in long distance on a regular basis.

All in all, This is not an option, it's the first choice for every rider.

Without further ado now let me present this bike and show you how can this bike solve your problem. How can it?

Please look at the specification, whether it is satisfying or not:

By the way, Montague Crosstown is among top bikes on our list of best folding bikes.

Have a watched this video:

Do you like it? This is just a trailer; the film starts when you will have experience of riding it.


So you want to know what this bike has? Or simply features and specification. Here it is:

Color: Boulder Gray/Black

Frame: Custom drawn 7005 Series, Aluminum tubing with FIT System.

Fork: Rigid Unicrown, with CLIX™ Wheel Release System Ramped Dropout.

Rims: 700c Alloy. 32 hole, Silver.

Tires: CST Semi Slick. 700c x 28mm.

Hubset: Formula. Alloy CLIX™ front quick release.

Spokes: 14 Gauge Stainless

Saddle: Performance Gel comfort.

Seatpost : 30.0 X 300mm Alloy.

Handlebars: Riser style 30mm rise. 580mm wide. Alloy, Black.

Stem: Octagon™ height adjustable stem. No tools required.

Shifters: Shimano 7-Speed RevoShift.

Front Derailleur: NA

Rear Derailleur: Shimano Altus, 7-Speed.

Crankset: 42T chainring. Alloy 170mm crank arm.

Speeds: 7

Brakeset: Tektro. Dual Pivot Caliper. Side pull with Quick Release.

Pedals: Trekking pedal with all-weather non-slip tread.

Bottom Bracket: Semi-Sealed Cartridge.

Frame Sizes: 17”, 19”, 21”

Stand over heights: TBA

Folded Size: 36” x 28” x 12”

Approx Weight: 27lbs

Most liked Features:

  • Use of F.I.T Technology makes bike strong and easy to fold.
  • Integration of CLIX system which allows to be folded quickly with out any tools.
  • Octagon handlebar is used which is easily adjustable.
  • Simple and Minimal design, comfortable for riding easily.
  • 7 speed feature of Shimano drivetrain and also includes megarange gears for riding uphills.
  • 700c full size wheels offers better riding experience than smaller size wheels.
  • Bike comes fully assembled, just have to follow the instruction.


This may be the cycle you used to see in your dream, or it is your dream cycle.

Means this bike is really well designed to attract the riders towards it to ride. It's available in Boulder gray and black color which is professionally and beautifully painted.

The flowing top tube design and slope of the frame makes is charming. The big round wheel and its frame design make more convenient looking It has two tubes which are welded from down of handlebar to seat post. The bike has large size wheels which give this bike a professional, premium and aesthetical look.

One thing that amazed me is this bike doesn't look like collapsible when I saw first, but actually, it was collapsible. It sounds like a hybrid bike.

All I can say is this bike has a sleek and simple design.


As like, when we review all folding bikes here with Crosstown we review on the basis of the folding mechanism, speed, and style.

You are looking for a bike that has style, speed, durability, ease of storage Montague Crosstown is for you and its great choice. It is the full-sized folding bike and convenient for busy town streets.

This has an attention-grabbing design with an elegant and aesthetic and antique look.

This bike comes in three different sizes because the body size and height of everyone is not same.

  1. 17-inch frame for people between 4’8″ and 5’2″.
  2. 19-inch frame for people between 5’3″ and 5’10”.
  3. 21-inch frame for people between 5’11” and 6’4″.

So firstly be careful when buying the bike, look the bike fits your height or not. Choose the bike that suits you. You can get this at any local store or the online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

When you buy online or local shop, this bike receives well packed inside the brown colored box. After unboxing it you have to read the instruction or manual and documentation. This gives you the idea how to assemble and unfold and some tips to care the bike. Although this bike is safe from any types of damages, if you follow the instructions it would be better.

Some of the lucky people don't have to assemble, it comes assembled which can get right when unpacked. The shifters also come properly indexed. That saves your time but you will not know how to assemble it that the super cons.

When I rode the bike the performance was as I expected. In fact, it was beyond my expectation. The design, look, features everything is perfect though it has some minor exceptions. I think it will meet your expectation too.

The bike frame and metal used are aluminum for the tubes. Its (custom drawn 7005) which is strong and durable and lightweight. This weighs 27lbs approximately which is not too heavy as this is the full sized bike with large size wheel.

The folding mechanism is really cleverly well made. It was easy to fold and compact when folded. Being a large size bike it is slightly bigger than small bikes but it fits into any corner of the room or rack inside the bus. It folds down into 36" x 12" x 28". Also, this is made to make easy in carrying and eats low space. The clever integration of the folding system makes folding even quicker and compact. Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) also makes the bike to give patented fold which does not need brake in the frame to fold. Also, this makes bike strong too. And the quick release feature of the front wheel also adorable. Whether you are in the pub or restaurant this bike is safe from theft.

The riding engine features are engineered greatly. The bike is speed as it is the 7-speed bike. The gear shifts well and the shifter placed on the right-hand grip, and appear to be responsive when used in city traffic. It uses Shimano Altus 7 speed rear derailleur for shifting. The shifter is RevoShift by Shimano is known for the better brand for this but its grip style. I can say bike speed is fast because you are not buying it for any type of race. Anyway, but you will enjoy riding it. If you are looking for more than this look for Montague FIT. But the price is higher. The bike's predominant speed requires less energy. The geometry and size of it also supportive for that speed and speed makes easy to climb hill or steep.requires less energy. The geometry and size of it also supportive for that speed and speed makes easy to climb hill or steep.

The brakes are of Tektro dual pivots, which provide above average stopping power if you tune them up nicely. The braking system is also very confident and doesn't require more effort. SRAM and Shimano equipment makes shifting and braking smooth and easy.

The wheel of the bike is 28" 700c wheel made of alloy, with Formula hubs and which is very thin(28 mm) and narrow for better riding experience than 16", 20" and 24" wheels. The front wheel has quick release feature for folding ease. The tires installed are CST Semi Slick. This is able to perform on the streets and will handle pot holes and speed bumps while absorbing some jolts. These all are set for the urban commuter and tires are suited for riding on pavement. The tires good and lasts long but still, need some maintenance or you can upgrade.

It has the quick release of the handlebar stem which is named as Octagon System that makes handlebar to alter the height whilst riding just in second just pressing a button. This system enables to the quick release of the handlebar and makes it adjustable to any height without hassle which is very beneficial if the riders of the bike are of different height in a comfortable posture. However, these large size wheels are the problem when you are carrying that makes you feel uncomfortable. The thin wheel makes your ride effortless over a long distance.

The seat is foldable and comfortable but the one with large size butt feels uncomfortable for the long ride with this seat. So you can you can get it replaced with another wider saddle or at least put on a gel cover. Because of the price the bike has cheap foam on the saddle.

The remaining parts like pedals, chains etc all are valued to price but the fenders are missing. By the way, this bike looks great even without the fender.

All in all, this is the very great bike for that price with many great features and functionality.


Montague is the full-size bike manufacturer which found in affordable price. Needless to say, again Montague is providing a lot in fair price with its Crosstown. The looks and the mechanics and function of the bike are more than the price you pay for. This provides lots of value.

The price in comparison to performance, it's legit and its affordable and not so expensive.

You may like to upgrade:

  • Bike doesn't come with come with fender/mudguard, you can add it.(see here for more).
  • The bike is little bumpy so I end up this by adding fork (shocks) on front.
  • Added the rear and front fenders of Montague.
  • Changed seat to wider and comfortable one.

What I Upgraded:

  • Changed non-suspension fork to SR Suntour fork or other brands like RockShox, Fox, Manitou are better.
  • Upgraded seat to more wider and better seat.
  • I added fenders of Montague.
  • Used the Schwinn Self sealing tube and Montague tire.
  • Got better and easy to use grip shifter.

Its your choice that whether to upgrade or not, I did because this made my bike look more good and more adjustable.



Unique beautiful design with thin 700c wheels.

Large wheel cycles cannot be easily transported.

Use of advanced CLIX and F.I.T technology. 

Dosen't fit in the small car trunk even when folded.

Octagon easy adjustable Handlebar.

Comfortable to ride long distance.

Rides fast and great brakes

to handle high speed.

Sturdy and durable frame.

Quick releasable front wheel for folding. 

Final Thought

Not any bike is 100% perfect. The manufacturers do best as they can looking for the price too. Montague has also made this bike as best as they can, not 100% perfect but it can be the solution for the problem you are facing with another cycle. This would be a great choice if you are riding in town or busy road.

If you are the full or part-time road cyclist which keeps being busy this is for you and you will like this bike and will have a great experience.

There are not anything that is 100% so this bike is. Without considering those minor drawbacks, I think you will leave a good positive review.

A Question for you: What do you seek for when you buy?

A) Full satisfaction

B) Whatever but low price?

I think you are not B kind of person.

Enjoy sharing the post
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