Dahon Espresso - Best Full Size Folding Bike For Commuting




Design is modified version of Dahon Jack D7 by adding the small tube between near handle and seatpost


(On and off-road riding)

This bike has really good features and functions which you can't easily find within other folding bikes.


($600 - $700)

Full-size bike and with such features, though its costly for some, it's worth the price by the way.

If you are tall, you don't want small size bike or have no budget to buy other full-sized bikes, or you want conventional cycle but can't because of low space/storage I have the bike that best suit you and I are sure you will like that.

​Hey, tall guys! I have a affordable solution here.

That's Dahon Espresso, one of the best full-sized folding bikes. This bike is manufactured by Dahon and comes with fully upgraded accessories and as I said hope you like it.

Dahon Espresso, one of the best, affordable and sturdy folding bike designed for daily commuting. Like Montague Paratrooper Pro, it is also the full-of-features and designed for daily commuting and enjoy both on and off road riding. Either you are riding on the plain road or hilly/ rough road with same comfort and same ease but not as fast as you need. However, gives smoothness on riding as you want

This bike seems as designed with the quality in mind because every accessories and part are highly durable and made for heavy duty.

So, I can say either you are a man, woman or children this is gonna be the best choice because first its weight that anyone can handle, and second you don't need to spend more like other.

This is not expensive not too cheap, but you get a full-size bike, which worth.

The Espresso is the bike for urban adventures and daily commuting. This is great for on and off road riding.

By the way, Dahon Espresso is one of the best folding bikes but it is not in our list


So you want to know what this bike has? Or simply features and specification. Here it is:

Weight: 30 lbs(14 kg)

Folded Dimensions: 42.5″ x 41.3″ x 15″ (108 x 105 x 38 cm)

Speeds: 24

Frame: XA Series, Dahon Full-Size Urban MTB Frame, Dalloy Sonus Tubeset

Fork: ZOOM 189AMS, Hydraulic Damping, Lockout

Handlepost: D4D Flat Pak Quick Release 4 Dimensional Adjustable Folding Stem

Front Derailleur: MicroShift M42 Triple 7/8 speed

Rear Derailleur: 8-Speed Shimano Altus

Shifters: Shimano EF51

Chain set: MTB triple

Chain rings: 28/38/48

Bottom Bracket: CH

Cassette: 11-32T 8 speed

Chain: KMC Z72

Handlebars: D4D Flatpack QR

Headset: Semi-Integrated custom Dahon

Wheelset: Dahon custom alloy

Wheels: 26″ aluminum rims with 36-hole front and rear Hub

Rims: 26″ Lightweight, durable alloy

Front Hub: Dahon alloy 100mm

Rear Hub: Dahon alloy 135mm

Spokes: 14g stainless steel

Tires: Kenda Kwick Roller Sport 26×2.0

Saddle: Dahon Ergo Comfort

Seatpost: 31.6 x 300mm, Seatpost pump

Seat Binder: Dahon QR

Brakes: Winzip 110mm V-Brakes

Brake Levers: Shimano EF51

Accessories: foldable pedal, kickstand

Suggested Rider Height: 5’1″-6’5″ (155-195cm)

Maximum Rider Weight: 242.5 lbs (110 kg)

Most liked Features:

  • Ergonomic seat/saddle
  • The bike is installed with high-quality parts which are manufactured from certified vendors
  • Dahon Axis stem makes folding easy
  • Professional looking color and aesthetic look.
  • Save the cost of car rack because it fits any car trunk
  • Includes a hidden pump in the seatpost


Physically, Dahon Espresso is well designed and cool looking bike as you can see. The color it is found is very eye catchy and attractive. It somehow looks like Dahon Jack D7.

Sounds like the non-foldable bike but unique framework. You can see in the picture this bike is like Montague Paratrooper, but it has some supports which look and makes feel its really gonna be long lasting.

The bike is with large size wheel which looks great with fenders and comes with fenders installed, both front and rear. Also looks great with the suspension fork.

Moreover, I can say this bike is designed to meet the issues other bikes faces like look and comfort but this posses both.


Dahon Espresso is the best solution for your problems like price, performance, comfortability and size.

This bike also comes in three different versions: Small. Medium and Large. Small with the height range of 5’2 – 5’6, medium from height range of 5’6 to 6’0 and large from height range of 6’0 – 6’4. The medium size is rarely found.

You can get it online from stores or local stores with the choice of two colors: Black and Baltic Blue. But I got blue color (because its my favorite color) packed in the delivery box of Dahon through Amazon. It was folded, and some parts need to be assembled which took my about 15 minutes of time but if you are not experienced it takes about 20 - 30 minutes of time.

Before doing anything with it, I recommend you to check it properly whether it has any defect or not. If not, great, that's what you expect. If damaged or has defect use your warranty card (5 years).

By the way, this full-size bike turns into the half when folded easily which sizes about 13.3" x 36.7" x 30.8" and is small that easily fits in the car trunk or under the bed. Also, don't require rack.

For me, the folding and unfolding were easy. It's like' don't require any tool. I think because it has Dahon Axis stem ( which is over 120 mm of height adjustment, and over 85 mm of reach adjustment and revolutionary which makes the folding process lot easier and accommodates riders of any height), whether they prefer a comfortable upright riding position or an aggressive performance riding position that enables him to travel for long moments and over a long distance without losing comfort. The handle needed to be rotated 90 degrees for that. This takes about 15 - 20 seconds. I can guarantee that you will never have any problem with its folding mechanism.

The body frame is made of DA series Aluminium (Dalloy) which is durable, rust resistant and as well as lightweight. However, it can be tough to kids or some people (depending on himself) as it is full size.

The speed of the bike is also good as the high quality 21-gear Shimano drive train. This is why it is suitable for Intra and Inter townships rides and fast enough to help a rider that is in a hurry. The speed of the bike is very suitable for riding on the hill. Plus, the powerful brakes which deliver fast response and can quickly stop at any speed you are riding.

Also, Schwalbe Big Apple tires give a more speedy ride, with lot more ease. There is a Velcro strap to hold the bike together when wrapped, but it has a problem with rolling resistance when riding on the streets because of the big fat tires.

The bike is fitted with its high-quality parts which are manufactured from certified vendors which give warranty of about 2 years.

The Espresso includes of removable handlebar made of alloy, and adjustable stem and BioLogic grips are handy. But some of the people may not adjust the height, in that case, he can add Pyramid Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars. But it harms your pocket.

The most favorite part of this bike is that it is featured with an ergonomic seat with saddle easily adjusts in your vehicle trunk/boot or back seat area when folded. The seat is designed with comfortability in mind and doesn't hurt much even after a long ride, perfect for urban commuting.

Also has foldable pedals, pre-installed front and rear fenders/mudguard and a few unbranded parts like kickstands. These components functions really well, however, chain and brakes have to be lubricated at least couple of times a year.


So, we finally talked about its performance and features. For me, I feel its really great feature which you are not gonna get with another bike. This bike has pretty much every thing which is worth to the cost. But some of the cons may disappoint you.

The price is very low and obviously affordable that ranges between $600 - $700.

You may like to upgrade:


Because the handle bar was too low for me which was difficult to adjust and it hurts my whenever I have to take long ride.

Pyramid Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars

Pyramid Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars

The height of handlebar was too low for me. It was uncomfortable when riding. So, I managed to adjust the height of the handlebar about 5" and I got the handlebar from Amazon which helped me to ride comfortably. This is Pyramid Mountain Bike Riser Handlebars 5" made of alloy and mine was silver as my bike is blue. It is 27 3/4" wide and has 1" diameter at the center. This cost me about $17



Easier and faster to fold and unfold

Bulky and bit heavy

Very comfortable with big tires and front


Gear switching system is not that good,

sometimes shifts gears unexpectedly

Affordable price

Can’t ride at high speed

Ergonomic seat with built-in pump in


Handlebars are low for some people

even it is adjustable

Adjustable Handle Bar

Fall to the ground in folded position

Fits on low space like car trunk

Pre-installed rack and mudguards

Excellent for on- and off-road

Final Thought

All in all, the price is very worthy to the features it has. Never ask high-end bike than this with low price. If you are looking for more than this, there is lot more options.

If you are about to have a long ride, this is a great choice. Now finally I can hope that you got everything about Dahon Espresso. Now I have a question for you 'what do you think about this bike?

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