Dahon Mariner D7 Review: U.S. Best Selling Folding Bike

Hey, Watch this trailer first:



It has aesthetic design with brushed aluminum color which looks very shiny and attractive.


(Commuting & Off-Road)

This bike has really good features and functions which made us to list in our top 10 best bikes list.


($500 - $600)

Looking to the features the price of the bike is really worth and its not too cheap and too expensive.

Dahon is the leading producer of folding bikes, and it has established reputation manufacturing outstandingly best performing folding bikes. Dahon Mariner D7 is among those.

This has become the best selling adult folding bike in U.S. for many years and gained lots of trusts and likes from the lots of people. This bike is renowned and popular over the entire world these days.lots of people. This bike is renowned and popular over the entire world these days.

This bike was mainly designed for boaters or those who have to travel through the sea. So it was named as Mariner as inspired by in-shore riders who have difficulty putting their bikes within limited space on a boat and fits even on a small boat and makes you journey entertaining and hassle-free.

With the aesthetic look, sturdy frame and amazing performance, this is one of the finest bike ever found in the market.

Now let me review the bike, Alright?

By the way, Dahon Mariner D7 is among top 5 bikes ranked #3 on our list of best folding bikes.


Do you like it? This is just a trailer; the film starts when you will have experience of riding it.


So you want to know what this bike has? Or simply features and specification. Here it is:

Color: Brushed aluminum

Folded size: 31.9″ × 25.7″ x 11″ (81 × 66 x 28 cm).

Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)

Speeds: 7

Frame: KM Series 7005 Aluminum alloy with ViseGrip latching mechanism

Fork: Aluminum

Gear inches: 37″ – 85″

Handlepost: Aluminum, adjustable Radius Telescope, Fusion and V-Clamp technologies

Handlebar: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Front hub: FM31-F 3/8 x 14 G x 20 H x 74 x 110 mm

Rear hub: FM32-7 3/8 x 14 G x 28 H x 130 x 170 mm

Tires: K-1045 20″x1.75″

Rims: Aluminum

Shifter: 7-speed SRAM

Derailleur: Dahon Neos 7-speed

Brakes: DHV-107

Saddle: VL3057A

Seatpost: SP-22, 34 x 580

Kickstand: NH-KC19AA

Fenders: SKS Mini 20

Rear rack: ARC rack with luggage strap

Clip system: Snap-Lok

Suggested rider’s height: 4’8″ – 6’4″

Maximum rider’s weight: 230 lbs

Most liked Features:

  • Price of bike is very cheap as compared to its features.
  • Comes with the touch-up paint, you can use it on scratched area.
  • Frames are welded very well that are visible.
  • Excellent and smooth gear system rides very fast.
  • Rack, fenders, kickstands includes and mini pump, a water bottle holder, lights.
  • Folds to small size fits in boat.


This bike has an aesthetical look and looks like its frame aims to meet the need of the in-shore riders and in particular for travelers and provides comfortability.

The bike is found in brushed aluminum(silver and gray paint ) color which looks subtle and professional and attractive.

Either it is folded, or unfolded bike is small in size.

The bike comes in only one color before but now its available in multiple colors.

The framing is simple as usual, as most of Dahon bikes has. As you can see in the picture, the bike has its handle and saddle at same height its looking unique. Moreover, the bike has top notch design.


When you buy the bike or order through the online store, you will get it inside the box which is smaller than other bikes. It was protected with the many protective materials which are good and no worry of color being scratched.

In case, It gets scratched or rust, this also comes with the little bottle of paint, so don't worry use that.

If you get your bike, it comes with a manual which helps in assembling which is an initial step. But it's too simple that you have to fix only the seat post and pedals. For attaching pedals, you will get L & R there. Use a wrench and be sure it is tight or not.

The gear also has to be fixed; it would be better if it has come already fixes. However it doesn't take your lot of time, it is just 15 to 20 minutes for assembling.

Dahon Mariner is the great bike for those place where the only way to reach the destination, say the boat and for those who travels a lot. This bike is given a right name: Mariner which gives the meaning of its use. Its portability is ideal for urban bikers.

I just mentioned that above, now look what's the best with it and what's wrong.

Firstly, I would like to say this bike is a complete foldable bike.
If you have to tick the checkbox of qualities that folding bikes, almost all the boxes are ticked.

The frame of this bike is 7005 lightweight aluminum (KM Series) which is lighter than the regular bikes which are made of steel. This has the weight of 26 lbs (11.8 kg), easy to carry over a long distance but the way it folds makes difficult to carry over long distance.

Due to its lightweightness, it produces slight of vibration from the ground during the ride but its not noticeable. But if you are more of the budget, you can upgrade tire to the one you use for commuting purpose. Else you can replace grip to Ergon GP1 Grips. Or by replacing seat with ARS 5020 Saddle.

The tube/frame has a brushed aluminum finish which means rust-resistant. Therefore, this bike lasts long without being damage. But one flaw I see is color, which is not as shown in pictures but that hardly get scratched. Also, protects components from rusting.

And tubes are welded are very high quality you can sew on it. Nothing will happen even guy up to 250lbs sits on it; it can easily handle.

The folding mechanism of the bike is rally awesome that it folds down to minuscule size (10.9″ x 32″ x 25.6″ (27cm x 80cm x 65cm)) and takes about 15-20 seconds of yours. That's why its comfortable to carry and fits in tiny spaces of the boat, under office desk or car trunk. This can be stood up when folded using a stand. But I don't like the Snap-lock clip made of the plastic which breaks easily.

The Dahon Magnetix Locking system is very efficient for the keep bike loked well when packed.

All the way, the folding and frame and color of the bike are high-quality.

Moreover, the component and parts of the bike are very quality material, and the bike looks superb with these things.

The handle bar is adjustable for any height. Handlebar post is telescopic and suits to any height. Plus these handle bars are very solid that you can feel when you get opportunity to touch. But there is too much flex in the stem.

The brakes are of metal, and it works great and of very good quality. But sometimes it doesn't do well while riding on the wet place.

The most fantastic thing about this bike is it comes with the many removable parts or components like fenders, rack, kickstands, etc.

The SKS fender included in it does really a good job of protecting your clothes from the grime as usual. You will need to be refixing time to time as it becomes loose.

The Neos 7 derailleur and SARM-7 speed shifter work efficiently and effortlessly as Dupont lubricant oil is used in it.

This bike has 7-speed gear. The gear shifting is very smooth, and range is excellent. Even the lowest gear is easy to move the pedals on the downhill and uphill in the highest gear.

Another thing Dahon did well is including own Biologic Ergonomic Grip which is difficult to find on other bikes of the same price.

As other bikes of Dahon comes with an uncomfortable saddle but this contains comfortable Dahon WTB Comfort Saddle.

The pedals are foldable but easily breakable as it is plastic, but you can upgrade it. I personally recommend MKS FD-7 Medal Folding Pedals.

Most lastly, this has got a rust resistant chain, but you can oil it to assure the safety.

The tire is not that good or high quality. Looks like used cheap tires. The common issue seen are that we have to pump it every week and issue of puncture. If you are using for commuting, you would like to upgrade tire to best one.

The most important thing is warranty which is just valid up to a year, but you extend it contacting Dahon.

This is probably the best bike found at this price. There us, not any bike which is perfectly built. Each has the specific defect.


The bike with these types of the specification is probably difficult to find. If you find that may be second-hand or worn out bike or you can find scrap. This bike is really worth the price.

This costs between $500-$600. Costs even more if you upgrade parts. This is neither too high nor low cost but worth.

Keeping aside the cons this bike is one of the best selling bikes. No bikes become best selling or all favorite bike overtime. This simply means this bike has some satisfying features.

You may like to upgrade:

As recommended in this post of Folding Bike 365, I upgraded some of the components. After that, the bike worked really well than before.

What I Upgraded:

  • I changed the pedals to MKS FD-7 Medal Folding Pedals.
  • Replaced Dahon WTB Comfort Saddle with 5020 ARS Saddle.
  • Upgraded Biologic Ergonomic Grips default grip with Ergon GP1 Grips.

Its your choice that whether to upgrade or not, I did because this made my bike look more good and more adjustable.



Very comfortable and secured ride

Difficult to roll when folded

Rust resistant

Low-quality tires, pedals & brake pads

Quickly and Easily foldable to small size

Quite heavy to carry around for long times

Fenders and rear rack are included

Uncomfortable saddle

7-speed gears are efficient to ride uphill

Pedals are not good

Beautifully designed folding bike and aesthetic look

Bike is not rust proof though it is rust resistant

Can be used as a portable seat during folded

The packaging is not good

Handlebar height is adjustable

Comes with touch up paint to cover scratch

Final Thought

This is one of the most recommended bikes, not because of its look because of its quality and work. I would recommend you to add the things above mentioned to make your bike more functional. If you don't like this there are other alternatives you may like but before deciding see what other says about this bike.

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