Should I Buy Folding Bike or Not? What’re Its Cons and Pros?


Are you thinking or willing to buy or own foldable bikes?

Its almost been 5 years that it was difficult to me to choose cycle among folder and non-folder.

I used to have misconceptions about folding bikes which actually doesn't exist in any folding bikes rather than it pays off what we spend.

I used to have and ride my mountain bike before five years and also now which was gifted by my Dad. It was running comfortable for me with that mountain bike.

It was something like 3 or more years ago a friend of mine bought a non-compressible cycle. When I saw it for the first time, I was like happy but bit dissatisfied with that. When I first experienced it, I became its fan and later on a true fan and then it became my habit to ride.

But, whenever I go to tour, restaurants or friends home, he folds his bike and puts inside the room even inside my room without any hesitation, but my and my other friends cycle stay outside the home. OH my god what an easiness, what a freedom for him to bring that inside.

Finally, I got it from my dad. Now I too have a folding bike. When he bought it for me, I was very excited to ride. I was so happy because I can take my folding bike with me wherever I go. I can take it with me even when I am in car, bus, room everywhere. Also, no one can steal it, LOL what a security?. However, this made me so secure that I can load it in my bag. Till now it is not only comfortable but also convenient, reliable and safe bike for me.

Again, I love it because of its easiness and low price (See here 508 and furthermore here)

Now I don't use non-folders bikes much. Every time I play, travel on it. Well, it's my best experience with these types of bikes.

But don't know about you that you may not like it. Everything has disadvantage also(not only advantages). Some small problem can be yours significant. So, you may not choose these bikes because of its look.

Then let me discuss why you should and should not buy the folding bike?
Let's see:

Why you should you choose foldable bikes?

Folding/foldable bikes are the great option for travelers and commuters.

Now some words are playing in your mind that "why I should buy a folding bike?" or "Can I choose folding bikes?" type question right? Don't worry It's simple just read further. Those may be reason:

1. Firstly, They Are Economical(Affordable)

Well, Not only me, not only you but everybody look something which is cheaper or affordable but the quality and professional. It is the first and significant reason that you buy a folding bike. But when we talk about folding bike, it is economical. Firstly, it's easiness worth. Secondly, like conventional bikes, these bikes does not require fuel to run. This is a huge saving, isn't it? No need to spend a dime for the license and you don't need to register. I don't have to pay money for parking it. Just fold it, put it inside the bag and put where you want.

These types of bikes may worth more but it is affordable.

Another reason to be economical is that you do not have to spend plenty for maintenance. It is not necessary to buy any extra accessories and tools because most of the folding cycles are trustworthy. It just saves time and money which worth.

2. Very Easy to use and Saves Time.

Easy to use? But why it is easy to use?

As I mentioned before it does not need any fuel nor need to register and needn't to be licensed to use it.

If you want to ride, it's easy. It takes nothing more than a little practice. But if you already know how to ride cycle then it is even great. If you don't know how to ride, practice you will learn quickly because of its light weight because of which you can carry easily too when your mood is not to ride, or you are on the subway. All you have is the bag to carry it.

It's not all about only riding. Think about that when you are in the hurry and stuck on the road in crowd traffic. In that case, you can't be out of that traffic with non-foldable bikes. You will be stuck until other vehicles do not leave.

But with folding bikes, you can easily fold your cycle up, carry it and walk. You will not feel too heavy because of its light weight.

So this is the important and lucrative easiness of using the folding bike in my experience.

3. Thief-Proof: No One Can Steal

One thing that I like about the folding bike is that it is thief-proof.
Why? Because it's simple. No one can dare to steal. It is always with you.
If not with you can lock it when you are outside. But when you are free to put your bike in your building or apartment, right? By the way, it is the safest way.

And also another thing that they are safer because even when you are at work or restaurant, you park it outside no one can dare to steal. Your bike will be safe if you lock. Some locks are hard that thief can't open even using his tools. Not only that he cannot get access to secondary accessories of the folders. So, sometimes I don't care whether it is inside my home or outside.

4. Good Looking And Professional


Image Source: Flickr

Have you ever seen the folding bikes really or virtually? Its design and framework are Where ever you see it is good looking and professional. I may be wrong here at this point as some have allergy with folding bikes. I don't know of those people who don't like, but I like it. It was my dream to own one.

Also, you can see the pictures, how it look? Great right?

You can make it look stylish by summing the additional parts. Even its parts like seats, pedals, locks looks stylish enough. But even without adding accessories it looks simplistic and great.

Look at the wheels; they are smaller than that of the non-compressible bikes which are making it look better, and it is sure that anyone will ditch their regular bikes or sell to scrap after using the foldable just an hour.

5. You Can Save space and Are Convenient

Unlike, other ordinary bikes they are the space saver. Do You know why? You may know that. But in my opinion, It is because we can fold and compact it. No need to mention more about it as you can see in the picture. Not only in the home and on the subway but in the car too.

You will know how it saves the space even in the car when you use it. You can also do same if you are in the way of less width even (two feet road). You can sit in the car more comfortably and walk easily in such road. It's convenient, right?

6. Can Be Use For Gym Workout to be Healthy

Cycling is good for health physically and mentally. It is one of the best exercises. Though we can be healthy riding the regular bikes, why I recommend folding bikes for that? It's because folding bicycles can be made mobile. For me, it's more enjoyable, and I have great experience exercising with these sorts bikes. I am sure you will feel too.

Unlike, regular bikes; it is not necessary to go out and ride. If you want to be fit without going in gym or fitness center, you can use it inside your home for the daily workout as the indoor bike. Is it a good idea? Seriously, I am joking. Who will do that? No one.

So, these are the advantages of fold up bikes which attracts the buyers (cycling enthusiasts) and there may be more than these points. But the thing is not about advantages only; it is about disadvantages as well. So let me discuss that too.

Why Should Not You Buy Foldable Bikes?

This question is also one of the issues which you will be asking yourself, and you research. Though most of the case it may be that you don't like these types of bikes, there are other reasons too you do not like it. It totally depends on upon you (buyer). The advantages will attract you, but there are some disadvantages which turn your attraction towards it to distraction.

So let me list out some disadvantages so you can be sure why shouldn't you choose fold-up bikes?

See these are the issues that are making you not picking folding bikes despite its advantages.

(There are many other but in my opinion, these two that I see in some of the folding bikes)

1. The First Problem Is Its Small Wheel.

Amazing! Are you surprised with this reason?

The reason which is making it good looking is one of the problems which is being a disadvantage. Also, if you want to accelerate you have to put a little more effort.

In short: In one hand mall wheels makes slow. On other hand less stable and harsh and prone to get stuck in potholes.

Being bumpier is next funny but embarrassing problem. Such type of awkwardness no one wants and expect to be faced. Mostly, when travelling with friends. They just make fun of that.

But smaller wheels are stronger than the large wheel.

2. Bit Expensive Than Simple Cycles.

There is no any difference between these bikes but for some of the folders cost almost twice than simple. However, these types of bikes are cheaper and economical than you think.

It is not that you can't afford that. Everyone can afford that. Even one with less budget of $200 - $300 can but of inferior quality than not to talk about one who have more budget of $500 or more.

Believe me, the folding bikes worth when you compare its price with features and functions. Some may be expensive but not much.

You will know when you experience it.

3. Heavier and Small Sized

Most of the folding bikes are heavier than simple bikes. Mostly cheap bikes are heavier.

Simple bicycles are full sized with the 26-inch wheel, but most of the folding bikes come with 16-inch to the 20-inch wheel.

The problem is not with the small sized wheel but with its bumpy nature. It makes difficult to ride (mostly on bad roads). The smaller size makes difficult for the tall guys who are not habituated to ride the small cycle. Tall rider cannot adjust adjust in it.

But thats not a big issue if he/she is cycling expert.

4. It's Not For Lifting Tall And Heavy Things or Person

Most of the folding bikes are small sized. This is the problem for tall guys who want to ride but can't ride because of its limited.Its difficult to adjust the seat for those guys who are more than 5 feet.

Also, this types of cycles are not for lifting heavy weighted person or thing. Folders are not capable of loading beyond 250 lbs.
(But I think there is no any disadvantage which criticizes folding bikes. But it is even better than to read is experience it yourself and decide which one you want to buy.)

5. Most Of Folding Bikes Are Not Too Strong

Yes, it is true that the folding bikes are not as strong as the conventional bikes. Because it breaks easily. It is not that its parts like handle, seats etc... etc.. are made with less strong metals. It is made of the high-quality metals as its price is.

In most of the foldable bikes, hinges and joints are the weakest part. It seems like that but actually its not. 

This is the main problem if you buy cheap or used one but you will not face this problem if you buy the costly one. Most of the folders are durable and long lasting because of its joints

But if you care you will able to run low quality or even repaired bikes for a year or more.


The Folding Bikes have more advantages than disadvantages (In my opinion). But you can see it yourself even you own or not. However, if you want to experience more benefits when you are riding the folding bikes beats non-folder.

You can see other guides as well. They also point out many advantages than disadvantages.

That varies according to rider or owner even which brand you buy or own.

Again trust me folding bikes are best in many ways. Folders worth.

​Preferably I will recommend you folding bike than non-folding.

Final Suggestion

But should you choose folding bikes or not?

Of course yes but due to some reason you would say no. After all, this is all depends on you,its your choice whether choose folders or non-folders.

Choose one which suits you and which is under your budget. Don't buy those which you own for a short period.

Jason Candy

I am Jason Candy, the die-hard fan of the cycling, commuting, traveling, and sharing these experience through this blog. I mostly like and do reviews of folding bikes (only which are best) and share cycling tips.

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